Make yourself uncomfortable

I’ve alluded to this before, but our habits – our routines – are what drives our success or our downfalls.  We’re constantly paring behaviors.  We pair watching football with drinking beer or eating pizza or nachos.  We pair coming home from a stressful day and pouring a glass of wine because “we deserve it.”  We […]

Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

Lobster-inspired weight loss creams A magical powder to sprinkle on food to make you lose your appetite A supplement to get you to your high-school skinny Caffeine-infused underwear to destroy fat cells Those were real products, folks.  <insert eye roll here> My friend Shady uses her own barometer for the ads:  Does it sound too […]

Discrimination – Lose it.

Discrimination.  It’s 2014 and discrimination is prevalent – everywhere.  We all judge – I get that.  I get mad at myself when I prejudge or profile someone – and am always so pleasantly surprised when I’m proven wrong – and that’s often.  But out and out discrimination – don’t tolerate it.  From anyone – to […]